ETH单(dan)双博{bo}彩『cai』采用以太坊『fang』区块链〖lian〗高度《du》哈希(xi)值作【zuo】为统计{ji}数据,ETH单双博《bo》彩『cai』数《shu》据开 kai[源〖yuan〗、公平(ping)、无任{ren}何「he」作《zuo》弊可『ke』能性{xing}。


PREVENTION is better than cure, as the saying goes.

A safe work environment is paramount for a company to thrive, no matter the size of your business.

Logically, a safe and healthy work environment not only protects employees from injury and illness, it can also lower related costs, reduce absenteeism and turnover, increase productivity and quality, and raise employee morale.

In other words, safety is good for business – besides the obvious fact that protecting workers is the right thing to do.

One enterprise looking to reimagine a safer working environment for employees across different industries is Viva Odyssey.

Viva Odyssey provides safety technology and integration systems for drilling rigs and oil and gas operations.

The company’s founder and chief executive officer Jerry Abraham Doss notes that as a tech-system solutions provider to prevent accidents and near misses for their clients, they also have a crack team of international consultants who are determined to provide cost effective safety, training and risk solutions globally.

But his journey, and by extension Viva Odyssey’s story, began much earlier.

With Doss at the helm, one of Viva Odyssey’s greatest strengths is having inside knowledge in providing innovative tech solutions that help monitor, transmit and receive reports, and also develop new-age personnel safety systems for the oil and gas industry.

Preventing tragedies

For Doss, the company was borne out of the loss of a life – after losing a family friend.

He witnessed how his friend’s family fell apart after they lost their father figure.

“Before starting Viva Odyssey, I was an accountant,” Doss recounted.

“But after watching the pop culture film Armageddon, I wanted to be a driller just like Bruce Willis was in the film because accounting was not my calling.

“I did end up becoming a driller (oil and gas) with a buddy of mine who was familiar with the offshore industry and relevant safety systems.

“I was just starting out as a driller when he died from a work-related accident right beside me.

“It happened close to Christmas and the family was devastated. His wife fell into depression and was desperately looking for someone who could help take care of the family while the kids ended up dealing with social issues,” he continued.

The worst part of this tragedy was that it was something preventable.

“There were signs leading up to the moment of his death,” Doss added.

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